Residents south of Greenways playa lake in Amarillo experienced catastrophic flooding throughout 77th Road that made their homes unlivable.

Ron Stone, who lives at 8081 SW 77th St., was forced to leave his home early Thursday as water surge from lake playa entered his home. He said the water rose in his house within minutes.

A homeowner tries to drain water Monday from his property on 77th Street, just outside the Amarillo city limits.

He and the rest of his neighbors have been without water since Thursday. His sister Mary Puckett, who lives across the street from him, also lacks water and electricity. While he was preparing the sandbags, the water rose so high that they worked uselessly.

Mary Puckett's Monday flooded home on 77th Street near Amarillo across from Greenways.

According to Puckett, in February, his home insurance company dropped its flood insurance coverage, on the grounds that the home was no longer considered a flood risk zone. Last month, when he noticed rising waters at Lago Playa, he reinstated it, but there’s a 30-day waiting period in place, so his house isn’t covered for the flooding.

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