Sound-dampening your home studio can be a challenge. While renovations may not be the most feasible option, there are ways to reduce feedback from outside to make home recording easier.

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There are many sound-dampening curtains or blankets online to reduce sound transmission from other rooms or even outside of your apartment.

Our favorite pick is the sound-dampening blanket from US Cargo Control. Their heavy-duty blankets are heavy (12 pounds each) for sound dampening, they’re also easy to hang and machine-washable.

These are some of the best sound-dampening curtains and blankets to make your life easier, they’re affordable, easy to hang up, and easy to maintain as well.

You’ll want to hang these on doorways or windows to block out as much sound as possible, so make sure you grab enough! Here are some of our favorite sound-dampening curtains.

Best SoundproofCurtains & Blankets

best soundproof curtains BLANKET


  • Material: Woven Cotton, Polyester
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: Yes

Here are some quality dampening blankets you can use in your music room. These blankets that couble as curtains are made for sound dampening, meaning they can absorb and reduce sound transmission.

These curtains have been effective in minimizing echoes from bare walls, so if you’re catching echoes in your recordings, this should do the trick.

They are pretty heavy, coming in at 12 pounds. This makes them effective in blocking and absorbing sound. While they are a bit heavy, they’ll be super easy to hang thanks to the grommets.

They are machine washable, so if you end up putting these in storage or simply want to wash them every now and then to spruce up your music room you can put them in the washing machine.

The only con to this blanket is that it’s almost $80, but it beats putting up panels.

2. Budget Studio Blankets – Filmcraft Studio Blanket with Grommets

best soundproof curtains blanket


  • Material: N/A
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: No

We wanted to include a more budget-friendly blanket. This 72×80 blanket offers lots of coverage and does a great job reducing sound reflections and echoes for better recordings.

It’s made from heavy polyester, making this a pick that’ll last a long time. You should get plenty of years out of these blankets! Sadly you won’t be able to put them in the washer, but you can also vacuum them or brush dirt and dust off.

There are grommets for easy hanging. The grommets definitely offer a tight installation so there’s less sound leakage. Overall, a nice alternative to the first option. Just more affordable, again, don’t put these in the washer!

It’ll improve voiceover work, so if you’re a VO actor or podcast, you’ll want to consider these blankets.

3. Best Double-Layered Curtains – BGment Curtains

best soundproof curtains blanket


  • Material: Fabric
  • Hanging: Grommet
  • Machine Washable?: Yes

These are definitely not the solution to soundproofing your room, but blackout curtains are known for minimizing noise from entering and leaving a room. So, if there’s minimal noise coming from outside your music room, these will be a good fit for you.

With blackout curtains, you can keep your music room and gear at a nice temperature as well. You don’t want your instruments getting humid or sitting in a musty, hot room.

You can easily hang these curtains up with the grommets. There are 23 colors and 10 sizes available, so if you have various window sizes throughout your home or music room you can accommodate the entire place if needed.

Fans love that they’re blocking out sunlight, so if you prefer a dark moody, or cozy vibe, you can opt for lamps instead of natural light.

These are machine washable, so give them a good wash if you have dust, lint, or pet hair build-up.

4. Another Quality Dampening Sheet – Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

best soundproof curtains


  • Material: Recycled Cotton and Cellulose Fibers
  • Hanging: Grommet
  • Machine Washable?: No (Vacuum to clean dirt and dust)

Musicians living in apartments are big fans of this sound absorption sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to reduce reverberation and echoes in a room. It’ll make all the difference in your home recordings.

Of course, these won’t completely soundproof the room or anything, but it has a noise reduction coefficient rating of .85 (on a scale of 0 to 1). So it’ll absorb 85% of noise.

Hanging the sheet is easy with the grommets. You’ll have a nice fit for minimized sound leakage. If you decide to move it around, you can easily do so. It only weighs about 10 pounds.

It’ll make a huge difference with rooms that often echo. If your music room echos often, you’ll like how much of a difference this sheet will make when you playback your next recording.

5. Another Quality Blanket – Mytee Products Large Sound Blanket


  • Material: Polyester, cotton blend
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: Yes

Mytee has a great sound-dampening blanket for musicians, this 96 x 80” blanket weighs 12 pounds, making it a good weight for helping sound absorb.

It is not meant to be completely soundproof, but it’ll do a good job of absorbing/dampening noise. It’s great at keeping cool air out, so if your recording studio is in a spare room without heat, it’ll help keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

Use the grommets for an easy installation and to take down. You’ll want to wash these since they’re machine washable. Curtains and blankets will get dusty over time, so make sure they stay clean!

6. Best Vocal Booth – Snap Studio Vocal Booth


  • Material: N/A
  • Hanging: Over booth
  • Machine Washable?: N/A

If you’re looking for a portable vocal booth with a blanket, consider Snap Studio’s 360 booth. It’s a great option if you don’t have a dedicated music room. Use it in the living room or wherever you need a convenient setup.

The insulation blankets are 75% heavier than many competitors, making them great picks for absorbing reverb for clear vocals.

The kit is pretty versatile, it includes wireless LED lighting, a phone/tablet holder, a frame, and a storage bag to keep it safe.

Overall, this is a great pick if you’re ready to take your craft more seriously. The booth is great for anyone up to 6’8” tall, so you’ll have plenty of room inside.

Snap Studio gets praise from musicians worldwide, and sound engineers are also impressed by it.

7. A Unique Blanket for Your Studio – CHOOVEEON Sound Absorption Blanket


  • Material: Polyester
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: No

Here’s a blanket that has the perfect design for your recording studio. The blanket is designed to reduce reverb and echo, remove sound impurities, and overall improve your audio recordings.

It’s made for musicians, streamers, and more creatives. It has a 3-layer structure for absorbing as much sound as possible. It’s simple to install — it comes with screws, nuts, an expansion tube, an Allen wrench, and a manual.

It’s much lighter than most sound-dampening blankets, this blanket comes in at under 8 pounds.

If you don’t want a typical gray or black blanket, this unique blanket is neat. The blanket can be used on doors, walls, or even over your recording booth. It’s the perfect mix of decor and sound dampening.

8. Best High-End Curtains – Moondream Velvet 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain


  • Material: Polyester
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: No

These curtains are pricey but have a fantastic reputation. They can reduce sound by up to 9db as tested and certified by laboratories. It’ll make a great curtain for windows or even a mobile partition.

They aren’t 100% soundproof at all but will reduce outside and traffic noise. Overall, they are meant to absorb and dampen sound reflection inside the room.

They’re available in over 10 different colors and 5 sizes. You’ll find the perfect fit for your music room.

If you live in a busy city you’ll love them!

9. Another Great Pair of Curtains – Deconovo Full Shading Curtains


  • Material: Polyester
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: Yes

These blackout curtains come in various colors and sizes as well. They are made of heavyweight fabric and have a double-layer design to help reduce noise levels. They absorb sound for a quiet recording environment.

They also do a great job blocking out sunlight, so your gear and equipment will stay cool, especially during summer. Your recording studio will feel super cozy.

They’re stylish and have a modern design, so if you’re picky with curtains this will be a good fit. You’ll have a nice and aesthetically-pleasing music room.

10. Stylish Black Out Curtains Under $40 – Easy-Going Blackout Curtains


  • Material: Polyester
  • Hanging: Grommets
  • Machine Washable?: Yes

Here’s another fantastic pair of curtains. They’re perfect for blocking out sound and sun, so you can turn your home recording studio into a cool and quiet environment.

They’re under $40 and we love the price. Many feel like they’re getting a good bargain! You could also consider buying more for other rooms in your home (perfect for a good night’s sleep).

Just be sure that when you wash them, you use cold water so they’ll stay in shape.

Best Soundproof Curtains Buyer’s Guide

There are lots to consider when picking a curtain or blanket for noise reduction and soundproofing. Many curtains or blankets will have a noise reduction rating, and of course, you’ll want to consider size, material, and maintenance.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

NRC quantifies how well a material can reduce sound reflections and echoes within a space. An NRC rating of 0.6 to 1.0 is great.

Coverage and Size

Many blankets and curtains will come in various sizes. Make sure it’ll cover the entire window or wall surface, you may need to buy 2 packs of panels or possibly several blankets. Measure walls and windows beforehand.

Hanging Method

Curtains with grommets are great! It allows for easy installation. The last thing you want are blankets that are too difficult to hang.

Aesthetic Appeal

Blankets and curtains come in different materials and colors. Choose a style or color you’ll enjoy in your music room.

Noise Reducing Curtains Maintenance and Durability

Curtains get dusty! Make sure they’re washable or easy to spot clean.

Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping for the Best Soundproof Curtains & Blankets

How Effective Are Sound-Dampening Curtains and Blankets in Reducing Noise?

Sound-dampening curtains and blankets can significantly reduce noise levels by absorbing, blocking, or reflecting sound waves. Ultimately, it’s up to the NRR and sound levels for effectiveness.

How Do I Measure for the Right Size of Sound-Dampening Curtains or blankets?

Measure the dimensions of the windows or walls you want to cover. For curtains, measure the width and height of the window. For blankets, measure the length and height of the wall.

How Should I Hang Sound-Dampening Curtains or Blankets for Optimal Effectiveness?

Cover the entire window or wall surface without leaving gaps. Use curtain rods, reinforced grommets, or hooks to hang curtains and blankets securely on walls. Additionally, consider overlapping curtains or blankets for added sound blocking.

Can I Use Regular Window Curtains?

Lightweight curtains will likely not help with echoes. At least make sure they are thicker curtains and room darkening so you can dampen sound and minimize an overheated music room.


Keep in mind that it takes lots of effort to soundproof your room. You may not have the best luck finding soundproof curtains actually. These curtains are best described as noise reducing curtains or absorption curtains. Basically, they absorb a portion of the sound waves to reduce echoes for a more acoustically controlled music room.

If noise reduction sounds like a good tradeoff, consider one of these sound absorbing curtains. Go with dampening blankets if you want something heavyweight for sound reduction.

They’ll block lots of unwanted noise from your recordings and will also keep your music room nice and cool. We love that you can machine wash the sound absorption curtains to keep your practice room nice and tidy.

Something a bit lighter to consider would be the Audimute sheets. They weigh 10 pounds and have an impressive NRC. Musicians are loving them for reducing echoing at home.

Keep in mind soundproofing with room darkening curtains or standard curtains is basically impossible. We recommend sound panels with the addition of curtains to reduce as much noise as possible.

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